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Everything You Need to Know About Taxes and Bankruptcy

Everything You Need to Know about Taxes and Bankruptcy in Arizona

Anyone who is facing extensive debt considers bankruptcy as a viable solution. Filing for bankruptcy in Arizona allows for discharging debt or benefiting from a less strenuous repayment plan. Before filing for bankruptcy, however, ita��s important to consult an attorney and discuss issues on […]

How Much Debt Should You Have to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

How Much Debt should You have to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

How much debt should you have to file bankruptcy in Arizona? Is this the best option for you? These are probably the most common questions that people who experience financial difficulties ask themselves.A�Apart from the personal and practical considerations, there are a few legal issues […]

Transferring Property Prior to Arizona Bankruptcy

Transferring Property Prior to Arizona Bankruptcy: Is This a Good Idea?

When filing for bankruptcy, you may have to surrender certain assets and valuables. As a result, youa��re probably considering the transfer or a�?salea�? of such items to someone you know. Eventually, you will regain possession after the bankruptcy. Is suchA�

What is the Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

What is the Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Filing for a bankruptcy in Arizona is far from a free of charge process. Depending on the type of bankruptcy that youa��re filing for and the professionals you hire to assist you, chances are that you will need to prepare for some fees.A�There are differences between […]

Most Important Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions

The Most Important Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions

Bankruptcy exemptions in Arizona play a role in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Through these exemptions, you can protect some of your property because a debtor will be free from having to turn said property to a bankruptcy trustee. Let us see what are the most important Arizona […]

The Future of Student Loans and Bankruptcy – AZ Bankruptcy

The Future of Student LoansA�andA�Bankruptcy

Introduction to The Future of Student LoansA�andA�Bankruptcy

Student loans continue to be an ongoing financial strain for millions of individuals in the United States. TheA�future of student loans and bankruptcy laws need to converge.A�The amount of student […]

Bankruptcy Fraud in Arizona – Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Fraud in Arizona

Filing for bankruptcy is an invasive process for the debtor. To deter bankruptcy fraud in Arizona, the court examines the debts and assets of the debtor, including assets that have been recently transferred. The court will require a list of all property the debtor owns, which includes real property and […]

Bankruptcy and Community Property States

Introduction to Bankruptcy andA�Community Property States

When it comes to filing bankruptcy as a married person, you have more options than you may think. Even as a married person you can still file individually a�� there is no requirement that you HAVE to include your spouse in a bankruptcy proceeding. Granted, the non-filing spouse could still […]

Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

What is bankruptcy:

should i declare bankruptcy?

Should you declare bankruptcy? A�Not most legal questions, the answer depends. A�Declaring bankruptcy, at least in the United States, is a legal decision which is usually carried out when one’s debt exceeds the assets which they own.A� To declare bankruptcy, one must voluntarily […]

Declaring Digital Assets in Bankruptcy

Your assets, such as your real property or your bank account, are very important in any part of your life. When you declare bankruptcy, you have to disclose these assets to the court in schedules of your bankruptcy petition. While your tangible assets such as cash, your vehicle, and your home are obvious things to […]

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