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Arizona Bankruptcies and Credit Card Debt

Arizona Bankruptcies and Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a common reason for people to pursue bankruptcy. According to a 2017 report by WalletHub, Americans have accumulated more than one trillion dollars in credit card debt. The individual US family owes an average of 8,377 dollars a�� an increase of six percent on an annual […]

How Much Debt Should You Have to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

How Much Debt should You have to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

How much debt should you have to file bankruptcy in Arizona? Is this the best option for you? These are probably the most common questions that people who experience financial difficulties ask themselves.A�Apart from the personal and practical considerations, there are a few legal issues […]

Debt Settlement 101

About 35% of Americans have debt in collections. This means that more than a third of the population has debt that is so past due that creditors have closed the accounts and placed them in collections. Most of these Americans are uneducated as to what it really means to be in debt and how debt […]

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