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How Soon Can You Buy a House After Bankruptcy?

How Soon Can You Buy a House after Bankruptcy

Going back to normal life after your bankruptcy will take some time. Financial worries and considerations about the aftermath of the discharge could keep you from doing the things youa��ve been dreaming about.A�Getting a new house a�� is that a good idea? How long should you wait […]

Getting a Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Getting a Credit Card after Bankruptcy

The period following your bankruptcy discharge will be characterized by attempts to get back to your feet. Since youa��ve just had your debt discharged, youa��re probably reluctant to accumulate some new one. Getting a new credit card after bankruptcy isna��t necessarily the smartest thing to do but it may be […]

How a Bankruptcy Will Affect Your Divorce in Arizona

How a Bankruptcy will Affect Your Divorce Proceedings in Arizona

Many people wonder whether they should file for bankruptcy before getting a divorce or after finalizing the proceedings. The answer to this question depends on many factors and a consultation with an experienced attorney will usually shed some light on the best course of action. Read […]

Rising to the Challenge: Starting a Business After Bankruptcy

Yes, bankruptcy can affect all aspects of your life even after your bankruptcy has been discharged or your repayment plan has been finished. If you have declared bankruptcy, you have probably learned that taking risks with money or borrowing too much can lead to difficult times. Starting a new business is definitely a new venture […]

Loans After Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a fresh start for a lot of people. If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to get rid of debt or modify your payments to creditors, then bankruptcy could be a good option. However, even after your debts have been wiped out, you may need to obtain loans […]

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