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What is a Bankruptcy Trustee in Arizona?

What is a Bankruptcy Trustee in Arizona?

When you file for bankruptcy, you will be assigned a court-appointed trustee. The trustee is not your representative, but a representative of the government whose job is to make sure that there is no fraud being committed. They are also in charge of reviewing your debt and the interest […]

Chapter 20 Bankruptcy in Arizona – Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 20 Bankruptcy in Arizona

Introduction to Chapter 20 Bankruptcy

For many individuals and businesses who file for bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will provide all the relief the individual needs to start fresh financially. In some instances, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not enough to help the individual or business climb out of debt a�� so what are […]

Where Do I File Bankruptcy?

Things happen, people move. If you are connected to multiple states or you are planning to move around, you might wonder where you should be filing bankruptcy. You may also have filed for bankruptcy in one state previously and waited the required time period to file another bankruptcy in another state.

How do I pick where […]

Attorney’s Fees and Bankruptcy

Legal representation is a very important thing to have in a bankruptcy or any other legal process. However, there are times when you can be saddled with a lot of attorney’s fees from your own attorneys or, in the rare case, the opposition’s attorneys. Bankruptcy is supposed to be a form of debt relief that […]

Reporting Cash in a Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy involves a series of qualifications and disclosures. You have to qualify for declaring bankruptcy under certain chapters of the bankruptcy code. Once you do qualify, you will have to disclose a lot of information to the bankruptcy court. Your income and assets are critical disclosures.

Do I have to report all my cash to […]

Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Find out the difference between Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy from Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer Chris Ariano.

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