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Bankruptcy for Minors

It seems like everyone is in debt these days and you are never too young to have that kind of a burden on your shoulders. Sometimes debt piles up so high that debt settlement or bankruptcy seem to be the only options. There are requirements for declaring bankruptcy, however, that may not make that option […]

Death Before Bankruptcy is Over

by the bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix at Ariano & Reppucci, PLLC

If you are in the position where you need to declare bankruptcy, that means you are in a tough financial spot. You are probably contemplating how to pay off your mounting debt and demanding creditors. The thought of your death and how it will affect […]

Legal Claims and Bankruptcy

A potential legal claim against somebody can carry value. Depending on your situation, you could have claims for anything ranging from personal injury or discrimination to security deposits owed to you by a landlord. When you submit a bankruptcy petition you must list all non-exempt assets.

Do I have to list a potential legal claim in […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy is a complicated enough subject in your life if you are going through it. If you add divorce to the mix there are even more questions to be asked. Bankruptcy and divorce are tied together by the Bankruptcy Code.1

Joint Debt

Different difficult scenarios can arise depending on when you or your spouse declare bankruptcy. For […]

Debt Settlement Introduction

Bankruptcy causes a lot of financial distress. Before filing for bankruptcy, you probably have heard terms like “credit counseling” and “debt negotiation” which could help you out of your financial distress. There are multiple ways to define these terms, and some of them may help you manage your debt before you have to resort to […]

Modifying your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves creating a plan to repay your creditors. Once you have a repayment plan that has been approved you will be back on track when it comes to repaying your debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans need to be followed or else you risk your case being dismissed.1 Since your plan is supposed […]

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